I get lost quite too often in Paris. It’s probably more accurate to say I take detours quite too often in Paris because getting lost has always been part of the plan.

I remember getting my first set of directions to get to the Maison Martin Margiela Show in Paris this evening, the poor fellow took the time to get his map out and give me careful directions. My first distraction took place looking past his shoulder at a little flower shop. I planned to make a stop there on the way to the show.

Getting Lost in Paris by Armenyl blessed Getting Lost in Paris by Armenyl

When I got to the flower shop, I made another detour; this time I believed I had found a shortcut to the show. At least that’s the excuse I gave myself. I ignored my aching feet, which had been whining all day for rest, and wandered down another street where a set of apartments with beautiful plants decorating each window caught my eye.

Getting Lost in Paris by Armenyl Getting Lost in Paris by Armenyl

“That was the last,” I told myself as I approached the owner of a café. I asked him for directions to Hotel Salomon(where Martin Margiela’s show was being held). I tried to pay attention to his directions but, frankly, it was quite too long and complicated and I had seen yet another beautiful restaurant down the street dying to be photographed. I don’t know why I felt the need to do this, but after he finished giving directions, I confessed to him that I wasn’t going to turn right like he said, instead; I was going to turn left to take some photos after which I will go his way. I guess I felt guilty. He had gone through all that trouble to give me directions I came asking for, but wasn’t going to obey.

Getting Lost in Paris by Armenyl

As you may imagine, I never made it to Margiela’s show…


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