This is my routine at every Zara store visit:

  • Walk in (of course!)
  • Pace slowly through the women’s department, glancing at the items as I pass by them, noting the ones I will come back to look at.*
  • After a complete circle around the women’s section, I walk briskly upstairs or downstairs, depending on where it is, into the Men’s department.
  • I zoom past every “can I help you?” “something for the boyfriend?” asking store clerk, and stand excited before the men’s bag section. Ah pure joy! I stretch my hand out, and start to place bags with handles around my arm and clutches I’m gushing over under my arms. I’m not here for anyone but myself.

Among many of my shopping guilty pleasures, buying men’s messengers, totes and clutches is definitely in the top 3.  I love leather and everything that looks and smells like it. My preference is in travel bags. I can’t really explain why, but I absolutely love travel bags especially when they are designed for men. The shape, the cut, the whole design – I suffer from severe male envy anytime I walk into the men’s department at Zara. I sometimes come in with the intention of buying a gift for my brothers or male friends and leave as the rightful owner of the gifts concluding that they will never love it as much as I do.  :0( Don’t judge me

On my recent trip to Paris, after suffering through seeing men at Fashion Week with their leather clutches and dapper suits, I made an inevitable trip to the Zara men’s department and picked up this number. Given my love for filing and organizing, this clutch was like a dream come true!

It consists of three leather pockets bound together, a front pouch, and orange zippers. The middle pocket can also be detached into a single clutch. Score!

  • Oh, right! My routine ends at the women’s department… I go back to consider the items*
  • try them on
  • pay
  • exit happy! <3
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