When it comes to shooting street style, my favorite subjects are those that are detail-oriented. I am especially drawn to details because I really love to construct and deconstruct things. To me, there’s an art to piecing together different fashion articles, one that takes the concept of matching to a whole new level. It involves choosing the right textures, and selecting the right weight, be it in a thin belt or a chunky necklace, to hold the outfit together. The poetry of colors, the literal direction of the stylewhether in horizontal or vertical (stripes), the simplicity within the complexities, I notice them all! The art is in making it all look organic, making each fashion piece speak for itself while still defending the other. Since we usually share the “constructed” looks in our street style posts, we thought we’d change things up a bit and share our favorite fashion details. Even with these fashion details, I urge you to further deconstruct these looks, right down to the nail polish color choices or lack thereof! It will do wonders to your fashion sense! 

Fashion Details by Armenyl.com BlessedFashion Details by Armenyl.com Blessed Fashion Details by Armenyl.com Blessed

Fashion Details by Armenyl.com Blessed Fashion Details by Armenyl.com BlessedDifferent formats. Did you notice that with each photo some fashion details seem to be repeated as (mini) versions of the other? For example, in the third photo, the black dots(circles) in the scarf matches the net holes(circles) in the gloves. In the fourth, both the shoes and the pants have the same front opening effect, almost like the shoes are mini versions of the style of the pants. In the second photo, the Chanel purse looks like a mini version of the coat. Is it just me? Maybe I’m crazy! What about the 1st and last photos did you see a similar theme? Comment below!