Okay, I know I’ve been terrible at posting. For the most part, I’d been working on this post, and it took so much longer than I expected. All the photos shown here including the graphic design, much like the rest of the content on Armenyl.com, were photographed and created by Armenyl. It was really fun putting this post together for you guys! I hope you enjoy it! =o)

It is pretty certain that the print trend will be here for a while. And that’s great news because I kind of own too many prints! – Especially after my recent trip to Ghana: The land of vivid prints and textiles!

I started to compile my favorite prints from fashion week and beyond, only to realize it covered about 70% of my street style photos! So, what do you do when you see a pile? You file! *reaches for nail file…* I found that it would be easier to just group(oh right, that’s the filing I meant) the best of the print styles into different categories such as: “The Vivid” (which you will be seeing today), Geometric, Graphic, Floral, Animal print etc. I will be sharing these as separate posts in the future.

Today, and because it’s finally spring, I want to talk about The Vivid! Those bright, electric, pops of color! There’s just something unforgettable about colorful prints: The way it commands attention, its liveliness and playfulness. These ones are never ever boring!

When it comes to colorful prints, it is best to pair them with a plain color that complements the print. You don’t want to look too all over the place, plus the prints stand out better (like they need any help with that). There, however. isn’t any harm in mixing prints either! Mixing prints can be a hit or miss, so make sure you do it right!

Here are a few of our favorite colorful prints:


Art-in-Prints-by-Armenyl.com Blessed

This Artsy print is super rich and bold! It doesn’t need much to make it work. Even though it could do without it, I personally love how pearls are used to accessorize this look. They hold the look together. The circular shape of the pearls matches well with shapes in the dress and all together it follows the same relaxed flow of the dress. Add a red lip and voila: A prefect vintage look! I can see myself wearing this to a relaxed sunday afternoon meeting or a lovely brunch. It is definitely a spring must!SPLATTER  Print by Armenyl.com blessedI’m a huge fan of a statement skirt, and this is it! It’s bright, it’s fun and playful. I love how designers are collaborating a lot of art concepts into their designs these days: Splatter, brush strokes, graffiti, watercolors, abstracts. Wearable art is certainly a huge trend this season. This flirty skirt, by Alessandro Enriquez, is spring ready!

The-African-Print-by-Armenyl.com Blessed

You can’t talk about vivid prints without talking about Africa! It’s just not possible. Prints are one of the biggest trends in Africa. I don’t know if I can even call it a trend because it’s basically part of the culture. In Ghana, for example, the color of a print can tell you what a person is celebrating or what ceremony they may be attending: People would usually wear navy blue/black and white(but predominantly white) print motifs during the christening of a child. A black and white print is normally worn to the sunday service after a funeral. As for the vibrant, vivid, colorful prints you see everywhere well that’s for everyday use!  And don’t get me started on the colorful print flip-flops in Ghana! More posts on fashion in Ghana coming up soon!

Mixed-Prints-by-Armenyl.com blessedThere’s an art to it. Everyone should mix prints at least once in their life. Or everyday, you happy-go-lucky! Mixing prints can be a huge hit or bad, bad miss! Don’t worry I won’t leave you hanging, here are a few of my tips on mixing prints: Even though you are mixing the “prints” in one article with another, make sure the colors in both pieces at least complement each other or the elements in one print matches the other. The rule of thumb is to not be too aggressive with your mix. Be sensitive to the eyes of others!

And don’t forget to throw in some confidence, mixing prints may make or break you, but confidence will hold you regardless of the output.

Brash-About-it-by-Armenyl.com  BlessedYou don’t have to be loud/brash about it. Colorful prints can still be subtle. This “muted aggression” look is still fun and playful. There’s something about the gentle paintbrush strokes that is therapeutic to me, like staring at … well, a painting: Another example of designers incorporating art concepts into their designs – so far it’s my favorite trend of the season. Ugh! I can’t get over this Valentino coat! I love it! My favorite thing about this look is the perfect pick in complementary colors seen in the orangey-red Valentino fringed textured-leather clutch and the teal cuff peaking beneath! Well played, Helena Bordon.

Want more? Good news this is only the first part. The second chapter to the vivid print musings is coming up later this week! Watch this space for the link! In the meantime, let us know what you think of these colorful prints in the comment section below. Which is your favorite?

Read the 2nd chapter featuring Susie Bubble, Mira, and more!

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  • Mindy

    My favorites are the artsy and the African print. They are the most vibrant in personality to me! Not to mention super rich in color!

  • Charlotte M.

    I am always scared to try out prints, but I’m surprised I’m in love with boldest of these prints! I am not sure if I could pull it off, but I’m certain I’d want it in my closet! The bright artsy print being front and center! Yea still don’t think I’d wear t lol