I consider myself quite picky and in love with order. But when it comes to those “what’s your favorite this or that” questionnaires, you know, the kind that gets your ask box going on Tumblr, I rack my brains! My real answer is: It doesn’t matter to me. I don’t really have a favorite color, although I have 3 picked out just so society will get off my back, but I’m really drawn to those colors so I guess that makes for some honesty. I don’t have a favorite shape, drink, or kind of car (it just has to be fast and sexy and maybe matte), nor do I have a favorite song, actress, or film.

As you may imagine, my friends hate looking for gifts for me.

Sometimes I feel like picking favorites restricts me from trying new things. Yet, I contradict myself a lot because to some extent, and the kind that borders on O.C.D, I can be very exact and particular.

find more on armenyl.comIf you asked me before what my favorite flower was I’d say a red rose, but I’m only saying that to give you an answer and because, well, because they are undeniably gorgeous, and I won’t mind 20 dozens of them cluttering my room! That is until I met peonies!!!! I’ve never been so sure of a favorite thing! They lit up my spirits the moment I saw them, and every time since then.

I wish I knew that Peonies were my favorite flower months ago! I didn’t know how much I was in love with them until I saw them, for the first time, face-to-face, at my local supermarket. I remember placing them in the front seat of my car and staring at them at every traffic light stop all the way home. Sadly, the week I bought my peonies was my busiest, and I never really got the chance to take them in. I just watched them fade away day after day until they came dry and lifeless.

I’ve since gone out to look for some more but, unless I want to pay a hundred dollars for them online, peony season is definitely over! Well, good thing they age beautifully because even their withered petals are beautiful and they still remain in a vase in my living room.

The what's your favorite question on armenyl.comSooo What’s your favorite flower?  Do you have any other favorites you are definitely sure of?

I’m definitely sure my favorite place is Paris, season is spring, and bible verse is Philippians 4:6. oh, and I love peonies!<3


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