The Here And Now Challenge

HereAndNowPreview-by Armenyl2

Armenyl on Instagram

Three nights ago, I went ahead and deleted half of the videos I saved from Beyoncé’s concert off my iPhone. This left me 2 gigs of space, and a camera to use for my Here and Now project. I didn’t know how exciting this project would be until I went out and started shooting. My first photo was the most awkward: There’s a long winding road behind my house that I’ve always wanted to photograph, There was some crouching, there was some staring, there was some slowing down of cars passing by, and, consequently; there were no photographs without a thousand cars, so I gave up and drove further down to make a U-turn, when I saw the beautiful landscape you see in the photo. It was breathtaking! It was the perfect Here and Now because it’s exactly what I have always thought of my town: nature/ landscapes/nature, but for the first time, I was looking at it with an open heart and I fell helplessly in love. My heart was filled with so much gratitude.

This is just a preview of the Here And Now project which has started on my Instagram. I will be featuring the collages on the website on a weekly basis. I also decided to keep my town anonymous for the fun of it. I think It will also help to appreciate its beauty without getting mixed up with the titles. Follow my Instagram and Facebook for more instant updates!

Read about the Here and Now Challenge and why I started it here. Follow my instagram and share your Here and Now challenge photos with the hashtag #ArmenylsHereAndNow! I can’t wait to see your photos!! xox0

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