A Case for Fall

I‘m not sure what I have against fall, but I am certain early nights and cold temperatures which I cannot adjust with the on and off switch of an air conditioner play a huge role. Fall is a reminder that winter is coming, and though it will make sense that I take my frustrations out on winter itself, I do most of my picking on fall—I know, I know don’t shoot the messenger. You would shoot the messenger too if he ended your summer!

Someone asked me about what I planned to be for Halloween today, and I almost cried. As you may know, I’m in denial about the fact that summer has ended. The falling leaves have nothing on my stubbornness to accept that fall is here (as I write, they are falling from the tree outside my window, and I’m screaming, “hold on soldier, you can do this!”)*, but the cold weather is making a serious case for itself by going as far as bringing down the temperature in my house—what a low blow!**—even still, I refuse to put on the heater because I’m certain that that will be the straw that breaks the camels back. It’s like how saying things out loud can make something feel real, you know? I know once I start using the heater, there will be no denying that summer has ended, and for now, I’m going to pretend that I cannot see that I am wearing a sweater.

My friends are all excited about fall! They are the most annoying during the transition period. They’ve already started glossing and painting deep hues of color over their lips***, and they’ve dared to visit my house with a scarf wrapped around their neck. I cannot host such negativity!

When I finally come to terms with fall, which, give me a week or two and the right boots sale, it is the beautiful coats that will truly have me singing bye, bye, bye. I’ve always been this guy throughout fall/winter, and then one day, in Paris, I bought my first really stylish coat, it was red, sexy, and I wore it everywhere including the times where I could have done without it like at my writing desk doing work. One time, I kept it on throughout dinner. Ever since that fateful day, a beautiful blazer/coat/jacket was all that fall needed to woo me. Since, it’s october tomorrow, and I’m going to have to start accepting this soon, I have compiled a list of some of my favorite Spring and Fall coats  from my street style shoots during Fashion Week to help with the transition.  And for those of you who, well already transitioned (couldn’t wait, could you?) I’m sure you will love this list.

*Not sure if I am preaching to myself or the leaves

**pun intended

***They are probably the reason the MAC x Rocky Horror Lipsticks sold out so quickly! Not that I was checking for it  or anything. 🙁


Fall Fashion: Winter/fall coats in yellow by Armenyl.com



Okay, so maybe I made more of a case for early spring than I did for fall! One last goodbye? I promise I will be stronger next time! Which are your favorites? Are you completely opposed to wearing bright colors in the fall?