After seeing her face all over Tumblr, I cannot believe that when I met Stephanie, I could not remember where I knew her from. Blonde locks and beautiful eyes, this one is quite the face on Tumblr. The Belgian model had just walked in Jeremy Scott’s S/S 2015 fashion show, and was casually hanging outside the show with her friends when I met her, and took this beauty shot.

My favorite thing about Rose ( Her name is Stephanie Bertram Rose, it’s soo pretty!) is her hair and eyes and unique face shape!(okay, that’s more than one thing) I certainly don’t mind seeing her all over my Tumblr dashboard. Even if it is 1.000+ likes to the measly 25 I got for my photograph of my summer reading book(maybe people just don’t like the book). I’ve always had hair aspirations for curly locks like these, maybe not with bold blonde highlights (This summer I tried orangey red hair against my dark skin… we will talk about this later)(P.S it wasn’t bad at all, I actually had a hard time switching my hair back to suit the fall weather because I loved it so much, but like I said, we will talk about it later)(Isn’t that kind of the beginning and end of that story, though, okay I said, later!) I love the bouncy, airy locks, that bobs as you walk and falls across your face to make beautiful highlights–as seen on Rose.

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