I’ve been dying to share this photo with you all, but it took me a while to do that because I was more curious to find out who she was. It is pretty easy to find out the names of people I photograph at fashion week, on the occasion that I should forget to ask. Sometimes I don’t like to ask, sometimes I prefer the mystery. This one was a little different, I really wanted to know her name for some strange strong reason, but she was gone soon after the photograph, before I could ask. This image has been previously featured here, but I wanted to share it by itself on a separate post and with her name. Ironically, the same mystery posed in this photograph was the kind I was facing. After a month of searching blogs, google image search, style.com street style lists, staring at the image, google again (search box: street style at Ralph Lauren, checkered coat, grid coat + sneakers, surprise me google, read my mind) I finally found the “Cinderella” of this post! But maybe I will keep that a secret…


It does kinda remind you of a modern-day Cinderella, doesn’t it? Her name is Elena, though! Elena Moussa.



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  • Leslie

    Reminds me so much of Julia Roberts in Runaway Bride!!! Beautiful! This would have been a perfect fashion editorial for the film.