When I started the Here and Now challenge, I did not know how life changing it was going to be. Being on a mission to find beauty wherever I go has been one of the most rewarding and self healing feelings I’ve ever had.  I initiated the here and now challenge because for a long time I felt that I was trapped in a town that had no magic or charm, but I’ve always known that I was here for a reason, and if I looked hard enough I will find its beauty.  The goal for the challenge was to get to know my town better, and I am happy to finally be able to share these gems with you.

Armenyl's Here and Now Challenge

“when you go out with your eyes and heart open to see, you will not only find beauty, you will fall in love.”

I remember saying that before, when I started the challenge, and now I can testify it is true. I am so fascinated by this place, I can’t believe I once found it mundane. Everyday I go out in town, I find something new and magical. And not any kind of magical, the kind that makes me gasp and has locals thinking I must be a tourist because why else would I be so fascinated by the little antique shops and restaurants or stop at every pretty door to take a picture. Whenever I say I live right up the street, the disbelief in their faces is priceless.

This past few weeks I found a building that reminded me so much of Parisian buildings–I hope the residents didn’t think I was some kind of creep standing and staring outside their home for so long, I was basically going through some serious nostalgia. I found some of the prettiest flower beds along the street which was refreshing to see in the fall of all seasons. I spent my Sunday overusing my new iPhone 6 which, btw, I still haven’t been able to put down–I’m so in love with it. I also attended my first baby shower this past week and took home the cutest souvenirs like this baby blue cupcake with a mustache(It’s a boy!), and I got to feel a baby kick for the first time–life’s beautiful wonders. The skies were beautiful the day I went out to chase the colors of the wind.  I finally tried out Portalli’s downtown and enjoyed my Spaghetti alla carbonara, although I don’t think people are used to seeing others have dinner by themselves. (It’s my favorite thing to do after a long day of shooting)

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