Midnight in Ellicott City

I had been looking forward to Downtown Ellicott City’s Midnight Madness celebration all week! Every other day, I’d drive by the Main Street just to see what kind of preparations were being made. I was especially keen to see the Christmas windows, not only because I’m kind of new to them, but because on any given day the stores downtown Ellicott city are some of the most beautifully decorated stores I’ve seen. As I predicted, I was torn between putting my camera away to enjoy the festivities and crouching in restaurants trying to get a great shot of my mulled wine against the foggy window. It had started to rain a little that afternoon, but from the looks of the crowds strolling up and down the street no one was deterred. The shops were filled to the maximum with people–some were shopping while others huddled together for warmth. Other places, like the tearoom at Tea on the Tiber were quiet and serene with customers enjoying high tea. And about two stores down, club music was playing at the bar. Most stores served complimentary warm apple cider, cookies, popcorn, and some like Pam Long’s studio served complimentary champagne. I missed the opportunity to take a selfie with Santa at “Santa’s Workshoppe,” but I got one with Elvis and Saint Nick later, which has got to be a better turn of events. There were also various groups of Christmas Carolers singing and filling the streets with cheer, meanwhile I could really do with some voice lessons. I had such a wonderful time! I can’t think of better way to start my favorite season!

Midnight Madness Ellicott city photo by Armenyl.com-15

The lovely Christmas decorations inside Tea on The Tiber.

Midnight Madness Ellicott city photo by Armenyl.com-20


Midnight Madness Ellicott city photo by Armenyl.com-25This one was definitely my favorite storefront!

Christmas Windows, Midnight Madness Ellicott city photo by Armenyl.com

Midnight Madness Ellicott city photo by Armenyl.com-22Drawing hearts on the windows of the Pure Wine Cafe Restaurant while I enjoy some vin chaud with friends. What a lovely evening it was!

Midnight Madness Ellicott city photo by Armenyl.com-2-4

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  • Sue

    Beautiful photos!! This looks like so much fun!
    Love from Australia!