Beach in AccraIt’s feels like it’s been forever since I posted any updates on here! I’ve been in Accra these past few weeks enjoying Christmas time and New Years with friends and family. I only get to see this place once a year or once in two years, and sometimes I wonder how I am able to go a whole year without seeing some of my dearest friends. The internet has surely been accommodating in keeping our friendship going, but there’s nothing like being in the company of some of your closest friends and family, sharing hugs and laughter—certainly nothing a bad internet connection can disrupt. Since I’ve been here, I’ve visited some interesting places and tried a lot of new things, something I never thought I’d say after living in this country for nearly all my life, but maybe it was easier then to take for granted the country, and its little gems.

During this particular trip to Accra, I wanted to take full advantage of the fact that I was on vacation and actually do some typical girl on vacation stuff like visit the beach countless times, sleep, eat a lot, go to random events, get off the internet!(I am sorry), go without a phone for a whole week!(This was not purpose, but I love that it happened), and eat some more. I neglected my camera quite often and sometimes forgot that I bought my iPhone because it has a camera. I am trying to remember to take more pictures to share with you all, and hopefully by the time I’m leaving(I have no idea when) I would have more than one postcard to share with you. Here’s one from Tawala beach in Accra!

Beach by

Tawala Beach, Accra


With love, Armenyl x


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