There are a thousand things I can blame for the lack of posts on here lately. You probably already know one. The other 400 reasons fall under two main umbrellas: work and laziness. Since the latter is quite inexcusable, I will speak only of the former. I had the opportunity to shoot for a friend right towards the end of my vacation in Ghana, you’ve seen Sarah featured here before when we tried to do a shoot last year, but couldn’t because of schedule differences. This time we fought through our scheduling differences and the dreaded last-minute work horrors and did a quick shoot for her January collection which was a predominantly all white collection. I remember we almost had to cancel the shoot because by the time the whole team was ready, we had maybe only 30 minutes of daylight to tango with and were forced to cancel most of our appointments and shoot the rest of the collection the next day where most of us could barely open our eyes enough to let the bright morning light in(well, that’s because none of us could say we had any more than 3 hours of sleep the night before). In the end, I’m glad we finally got to work together and produce this shoot.Sarah Christian Ready To Wear 2015 by ArmenylGiven the overwhelming number of traditional weddings I had to attend in Ghana, which mostly require an all white ensemble for their guests, I certainly wish I had seen and photographed the beautiful (almost bridal) collection sooner. Here’s a sneak peek. What do you guys think of the collection? More soon! xo

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