My vacation in Ghana has sadly come to an end, and I can’t stop looking back at the fun pictures and moments that I miss already! It was a much needed vacation and though I’m in Ghana quite often(depending on how fast you think a year goes by), this particular trip felt quite different. I believe it had a lot to do with my new outlook on life, and the kinds of things I now felt were more important, like the little blessings I overlooked everyday. When I list my favorite moments in Ghana, the simple moments I shared with loved ones seem to take the cake: seeing faces I haven’t seen in six years, rekindling friendships, learning and trying new things, time alone with family, and other really special moments no DSLR could ever capture(…quite right). To be fair, I went almost two weeks without taking out my camera or remembering my iPhone could photograph.Here and Now Instagram - Ghana Edition

But of course, they were many moments I did capture on my phone like the ones from my Instagram feed up here which also comes in as today’s Here and Now feature and the very first of 2015.

Yummy coconut after Sunday’s Church service, quite too many visits to the beach, enjoying the warm African sun by the pool on the hills of Hillburi, waking up super early to go enjoy an impromptu getaway to a resort in the Eastern Region of Ghana before the rest of the world woke up and the accompanying calls and stress/work of the day catches up to us. Of course, the calls started coming in even while we were on our way -____- but the speedboat ride we took instead of turning back home was the perfect ignore button to all the stress and work.  These are just a few of my favorites! Check out the rest of the photos here and follow our Instagram account to stay up to speed.

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