Hang Over

Men's style at New York Fashion Week 2015 by Armenyl.com

Have you ever mistakenly misaligned the buttons on your shirt in such a way that a button/buttonhole or two at the end/top of the shirt stick out, making one side of the shirt longer and unparalleled to the other? Yes, yes, you have! In Ghana, it’s humorously referred to as “Ghana is taller than Africa” where the lesson/joke is that Ghana is only a small country in Africa and can’t possibly be “taller” or bigger than Africa. Fitting a short jacket over a longer jacket or wearing pants that hang above your ankle may very well be the same thing, and let’s be honest is probably a type A personality’s worst nightmare. But in this case, I doubt it was careless mistake, but a rather careful placement in color, length and texture that actually bring some order to this “disorder.” In some strange world my OCD is actually completely fine (read: admires) with it. What do you think of this look?

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