How did I survive the coldest fashion week ever? A lot of hand warmers and a prayer! But to truly answer your question, I’d say I am not entirely sure: I was like a fish out of water coming from 90°F/32°C and coconut water in Ghana to New York’s brutal -4°F/-20°C.

I would stand outside in the horrible temperature and complimentary winds to shoot for 2 hours at a time for 9 hours of the day, taking my warm breaks on the subway rides to the next show. The weather was so terrible, it almost felt like I couldn’t breathe sometimes. There was a point where my lips froze so bad, I actually believed they would turn solid and then crack into several pieces if I said another word; they could barely move when I spoke, and the only confirmation that my fingers were clicking my camera’s shutter button were the two-second previews of the pictures I took that showed up on my camera’s screen. So, yes in fact, to be quite honest, I am not sure how I did survive.

I came home after three days to recover. But of course, within 48 hours I was already anxious to return, it felt like I was missing out on a fun party. You know that party which happens two houses down from yours where they are playing all your favorite songs but you just can’t go to? Yep, that one! So just like that, without much thinking through or planning I was back on a four-hour drive back to New York for the last day of New York Fashion Week, shocking everyone including myself and my family and probably the snow that was set to fall that evening. To be honest coming home and looking at the moments you captured on your camera is a panacea for any aching foot or back pain that fashion week inadvertently dishes out.

Despite it being the coldest day of all of Fashion Week, it was absolutely worth my while, and I thank God for the opportunity to have gone back. Shooting Fashion Week even in the best of weather is a lot of work, and the only thing that keeps me going or even wishing for more is my undying love for photography especially street photography. On an even brighter note, some pretty exciting things happened to me during the week. One of them was seeing my photo of Kristina Bazan reposted on her page! Kristina’s blog was one of the very first I followed back in 2011 and was sort of my early introduction into the fashion blogging world as well as Mac’s Vegas Volt lipstick, so to see her, of all people, share my photo was quite amazing! I also had the chance to catch up with all my old fashion week buddies and make some new ones, like Amy whose Instagram page I can’t stop drooling over. Finally, I got the opportunity to discover NY beyond the tourist attractions, and I honestly cannot wait to go back when the weather is much kinder, of course. The best part to all of this was coming home to the most soothing bath and binge watching all the tv shows I missed this past week.

So what are the trends this year? I will tell you this, I’ve been looking for a thousand different ways to say 50 shades of Grey without quite going with the cliché, but I honestly cannot think of better way to tell you that were at least 50 shades of grey parading the fashion streets this year.

The dominant colors were grey, black, beige and white. If there was a pop of color it was mostly bright red. Multicolored hair also seemed to be trying to stage a comeback, that is if it ever left. There were lots of texture, but I’m pretty sure that’s biased to the weather. I will be sharing more of my street style photos with you during the week as well as some crazy things I did to survive Fashion Week. In the mean time, you can follow from my instagram page or Facebook! Happy Fashion Month!