IN-STYLE-COLORS-AT-FASHION-WEEK--BROWN-BY-ARMENYL.COM-5Shades of brown were quite popular in New York this Past Fashion Week on both Men and Women. It was often paired with denim or in a monochrome look of all brown shades. I am not a big coat buyer, although I spend a significant amount of time fawning over them, but I believe black, brown and red are staple colors to own. They all have their personalities but those colors make almost anything look good! I especially love a brown and baby blue combination. Spring may be just around the corner, but I don’t think it will hurt to get myself a new camel coat.IN-STYLE-COLORS-AT-FASHION-WEEK--BROWN-BY-ARMENYL.COMMEN-IN-STYLE-COLORS-AT-FASHION-WEEK--BROWN-BY-ARMENYL.COM-2IN-STYLE-COLORS-AT-FASHION-WEEK--BROWN-BY-ARMENYL.COM-3IN-STYLE-COLORS-AT-FASHION-WEEK--BROWN-BY-ARMENYL.COM-2IN-STYLE-COLORS-AT-FASHION-WEEK--BROWN-BY-ARMENYL.COM-4

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