Here and Now: Obsessed I went on Instagram to gather my recent photographs for the usual Here and Now posts on here, only to find out that all I had done in the past two months was photograph flowers. No kidding! There’s nothing but pictures of some floral display on my Instagram right now. My phone’s camera roll shall not even be spoken of. It’s maddening! And certain, I’m obsessed. There is a 35 : 1 ratio of flowers to selfies in my camera. Which is kinda nice if you like to condemn vanity. but c’mon! And I believe things went crazier when peony season began! You already know how I feel about them.

I’ve been getting complaints from my friends on snapchat who have dubbed me the flower girl because the only time they ever see my face is behind a flower, and honestly I ignored it all until now. I mean who attends flower festivals?! Me! I might have a problem. But it’s a nice problem, no?  I know it’s not any different on here. Every other photo has been flower related these past few months(Oh.. while we are here, let me say this: I know I have been really quiet on here. I’m terribly terribly sorry. I have no excuse! )

I want to say all this is about to stop, but I don’t feel like it’s a bad habit. How can taking pictures of flowers ever be bad? Only when you have to refer to other people’s Instagram pages to figure what else there is to do in life because from the looks of yours,  you have just one hobby and no life.

P.S The last photo is a snapchat I made as an ode to flowers. lol! I also think it will make a pretty awesome book cover of a book about love and crushes.

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