Here’s a snap from New York Fashion Week earlier this year. This is basically what my survival kit looked like. A whole lot of hand warmers and some more! I also wore three toe and sole warmers at a time. One on the sole of my feet, one above, and a toe warmer for my heel. And, before you ask, no, they were no match for the cold. Gloves, I tried fitting three on my hand, but it became a huge inconvenience whenever I tried to click my camera’s shutter button. Although, I’m not sure which one was more effective, my numb fingers or the gloves which didn’t put enough pressure. It was also a pain to remove each of the gloves whenever I needed to use my phone, which I used a lot especially for navigating around New York. One neat trick I came up with to help me save me both battery power and internet data (from constantly using the GPS on my phone) was to screenshoot the map directions and save it as my phone’s wallpaper, so I didn’t have to use my phone as much. It also allowed me to keep my fingers somewhat warm because I didn’t have to take off my gloves to use the touch screen on my phone. In the end, I thought it made a pretty cool wallpaper, so it just kinda stuck there as my wallpaper even after fashion week!

Staying warm was paramount!—I’d sometimes go to nearby department stores like T.J Maxx to use their dressing room to defrost, I’d also chill there and edit pictures! (lol!) Occasionally staring at the three outfits I picked with me into the dressing room, wondering how long will be too long to pretend I’m trying them on! It was probably the silliest thing I ever did during fashion week. But, it was kinda necessary because most of the locations for the shows had no nearby coffee shops or restaurants to warm up, and you kind of will do just about anything after standing in -4 degrees weather for 2hrs! And that includes pretending to care about overalls again in the T.J Maxx dressing room.

I got around by subway, which was only annoying because I still had to do a great deal of walking in the cold. I’d try Uber, but I hate the traffic!

Water, my BFF! I tried to stay hydrated as much as I could because during fashion week. I don’t get enough breaks, so whenever I could remember, I’d pack a bottle of water with me to go.

Fashion Calendar, I couldn’t go to every show, so every night before the show, I’d pick my favorites and research some new ones to check out, I used The Cut’s fashion calendar to keep me up-to-date. I’d usually pick more than I can chew because I always miss one show or arrive too late for another (as I’m pretty susceptible to getting lost). For that reason, I would often keep to two extra shows on my list just in case I miss others. I took tons of notes and made a long list of trends to follow and things to see, and always made a note to buy a dozen more of hand warmers and foot warmers(which, by the way, I didn’t know existed until this particular fashion week!)

In the end, I survived the coldest fashion week I’ve ever experienced, as you probably read from this earlier post and it was worth it! As the first ever Men’s fashion Week in New York approaches I can only imagine that if I should go, I would be writing you a long diary entry on how to survive New York’s merciless sweltering subway heat during Fashion Week! Maybe this time I will be catching breaks at swimming pools instead of dressing rooms. Not a bad idea, at all.

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