Armenyl on Instagram, My summer 2015 RecapAfter I wrote this post, I wasted no time in making amends with the few summer days I had left. In fact, the very next day I called up a couple of my friends and made plans to visit the Howard County fair in Maryland. It was actually my first time at a Summer fair, and all I could think about were scenes from the film Grease, and how truly magical and fun it was to be at the fair! I couldn’t think of a better start to my summer. Another summer highlight was spending a weekend at the beach, another first, at least in the United States. I stayed with my family in Ocean City and enjoyed some sunshine and yummy waffles at our oceanfront hotel. I also enjoyed getting work done outdoors in the beautiful Ellicott City, a view I get to see almost everyday and will never stop being grateful for! And of course, my usual lunch under the green umbrella at the Little French Market in Ellicott City. Drawing hearts in the sands of Ocean City because of how the beach makes me feel.  Summer light and summer afternoon readings, two of my favorite indulgences at their best! I really miss relaxing at this stunning sitting area in Ocean City surrounded by flowers! I especially miss the view from our oceanfront patio where I spent my nights listening to my favorite summer tunes and watching the stars, and my mornings gawking at the beautiful sunrise. The biggest highlights of the summer was making a trip all the way to the West Coast for my birthday weekend, but wait for the wonderful tales of wine tastings, cruises, and surprise birthday songs coming soon!

So even though my summer really began in the last few weeks of August, it was beyond amazing, and I’m happy I stopped complaining about it and did something! I’d say I did pretty well considering my initial concerns for Summer 2015.  I thank God for a wonderful Summer 2015, and I never thought I’d say this but… OMG I THINK I’M READY FOR FALL!

How was your Summer? <3

P.S It been one year since I started the Here and Now Challenge! Take a look back <3

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