Yesterday, I realized it was completely impossible for me to stay away from the New York fashion week scene. I’ve always loved fashion, it wasn’t one of those things I started to like in my teens or more mature stages, I’ve loved it and dreamed about it ever since I was a child. For me, it’s been quite the opposite fashion story: fashion was all I knew and loved as a child, and it was weird because I didn’t live in a world that lived and breathe fashion, so I wasn’t following a trend or guide it was just something I was certain of as a child something that I lived and breathe literally because I never really understood where it came from.

As I grew up, however, I started to push it to the back burner. Fashion became something I was more and more uncertain about. And you know what, it’s not a topic I’m ready to discuss or tackle on here yet, but I will tell  you this : No matter how much I try, Fashion is just something I can never seem to stay away from.
I stumbled upon the fashion week scene by accident. I was studying in Paris at the time, and I found myself near Jardin des Tuileries after a day of unforgivable shopping. It is funny to me now when I think about it because the most popular question I get while I’m shooting during Fashion Week is “ Excuse me, do you know what is happening here?” or “Who are they all waiting for?” I’d say there’s a fashion show going on, they’d get super excited and start taking pics on their iPhones. That was me! Four years ago: the confused tourist happening upon an enormous crowd on the last of day of Fashion Week, except I also happened to be carrying my DSLR camera with me, and after a few minutes of orientation started shooting like I belonged. I am pretty certain it’s one of the ways street style photographers grow in number. I  later shared my photo of Daphne Groeveneld on social media, and my tumblr feed lost it! The next year I was back, and after that, and I have just never been able to say no. In fact, this is a pretty accurate monologue of what happens every season:

End of Fashion Week: This is my last! I think I’m done.

A Month Before New Fashion Week Season: Yea, I’m not going to go.

Three Days Before Fashion Week: I’m just going for a day as a visitor… observe the scene. New York is only 3 hours away. It won’t hurt. It’s like right there…

The Day Before: I will make it a two days and a night trip. I mean what’s the point of driving 3 hours for one day??

The Day I Arrive(Day): Yay!! I miss this!!

The Day I Arrive (Evening): Done with this!! I’ve not eaten all day! I’m Tired! I’m sore! I’m cold! My feet!! My feet?! are they still there?

The Next day: Ahhhhhhh I love this! I want to do it forever! Wish I didn’t buy a ticket to leave tomorrow.


*Dying to go back*

*staring at instagram photos*

*Comes back two days after* *Makes an imaginary I heart Fashion Week shirt in my head*

Last Day:  Aww so sad! I don’t want this to end

Last Day: I’m going to miss this! Until next time…

Last Day: I’m done though…

Rinse & Repeat:2011-2015


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