In our postcard series today: Painted Ladies


“One day to see everything on my long list of things to see in San Francisco, and it’s already 2pm.  

4pm: Finally got to see the Painted Ladies at Alamo Square after missing my bus and making several wrong turns, but it’s all worth it because it’s absolutely stunning! I proceed to take a zillion pictures from every angle including right from the sidewalk and some selfies. People are staring…Doesn’t look like a good idea. Oops! Time to head back to the park across the street to take more pictures.

4:45: I stay a little too long!

Now I’m rushing to see Coit tower, although this time I’m sure I won’t make it there before it’s closed, so I do the right thing and stop at Ghirardelli for some comfort Ice Cream.

Still daydreaming about the beautiful Victorian homes. It’s a little surreal seeing the house featured in the Full House Sitcom! Ugh! The people from SF are so lucky!” 

Full House Fans: Painted Ladies San Francisco CA photographed by photographyPostcard from California, With love ♥


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