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I decided to share a “Here and Now” update with you today because within the past two months I’ve been all over the place…and something tells me there is about to be a whole lot more of that coming soon. So allow my type A personality to attempt to organize things for you: Here was what I was up to in the month of January and February. My real “Here and Now” is currently in Paris, you can follow along  on my Instagram. And also catch my previous Here and Now  or read about the challenge here.

As you may already know, I spent a few weeks in Accra this past January taking care of a lot of different things all while enjoying 86 degrees weather while it snowed a ton in the U.S. (I love to say that! :P).  Sometimes warm weather involved sitting in the grass while brainstorming ideas, and it occasionally included my pet bunny trying to nibble my notebook. On a good day he’d settle for just chewing the frayed end of my jeans or at the very least of his mischiefs, hopping all over my work until I have to move back in the house (so, yea, that never really worked out)(but for the 5mns that it did, it was nice 🙁 ). I also took care of some projects while in Accra like a fashion post I recently put up on what it is like fashion shopping in Africa. One of the best part about this project was getting to try on some of these beautiful clothes like the Christie Brown samples I picked up for the shoot. Also, having another excuse to visit the Charlotte Fashion shop and see the lovely peach tones for spring fashion is always a plus.

Coming back to the U.S where I got into my fair share of freezing cold, I spent most of my time bundled up with a good book and catching up on some editing. Then work took a full swing again in February when Fashion came upon us. Speaking of the month of love, I spent my valentine’s day in New York shooting Fashion Week which was okay until I had to get dinner by myself and had to painfully respond “Yes” to every hostess at a restaurant who asked if I was by myself (seriously, thanks for making things awkward guys!). However, it was wonderful to come back home to a bouquet of stunning flower arrangements(and we all know how much I looooove flowers) and some (seriously!)late christmas gifts.

Which brings us to now: I’m currently in my lovely Paris right now (swooning all over the place). I haven’t been back here in two years. It feels so long. I thank the Lord Jesus for making all of this possible. I’m so excited to be here and I can’t wait to share more Paris updates with you. If you don’t already, you can join me on Instagram and follow along!

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