Jardin des Tuileries photo by Armenyl.com statues at Jardin des tuileries photo by Armenyl.comI know I say it all the time, but it is really such a blessing to be here. My little heart feels right at home when I’m in ParisGrande Roue or Ferris Wheel a Place de La concorde photographed by Armenyl.com Place de la concorde photo by Armenyl.com The Golden gates at Jardin des tuileries photographed by Armenyl.comThe Golden gates at Jardin des tuileries photographed by Armenyl.com

After spending the warm sunny afternoon in Versailles eating delicious home cooked meals with the loveliest hosts, I made my way out to Paris to continue where I left off yesterday. I’ve basically decided to walk all through Paris for the rest of the week while it’s absolutely beautiful outside! I’ve drawn out a plan and everything! lol! Although, I won’t say I got as far as I did yesterday since I just remained in the 1st Arrondissement today. Still it was undeniably beautiful outside and the flowers had started blossoming—it is safe to say Paris is ready for Spring! Yay!

I spent the rest of my evening joining in the evening  church service at Hillsong Paris (which I had missed so dearly!!!!). It’s always a blessing to be there!

I hope you all had a beautiful Sunday too! <3

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