Sunday afternoons in Versailles have always been one of my fondest moments in France. I spend it in the delightful company of some of the nicest and kindest people I’ve ever met, in the embrace of a warm sunny afternoon, over tea and the most delicious home cooked meals.

When I’m in France, I spend most of my time in Versailles in a place that I feel beyond blessed to call home. It feels like a mix between country and Paris–but more country, living in the suburbs of Paris. As much as I love the city life and its upbeat tempo, I’ve always known that I’m a country girl at heart, and a home close to vineyards with farm-to-table meals has always been my end goal. Right now, however, I do love living in the city as long as I can have at least one day like this every

When I returned to France this year, I couldn’t explain all the emotions that embraced me when I woke up on a Sunday morning in Versailles. The smell of boeuf bourguignon cooking in the kitchen, the sun flooding through the hallway, the neighbors outside riding their bikes, and Jacques, in the living room practicing on the clavecin before church. They were things I had missed dearly!


If I woke up early enough, I’d try to visit the market, but I actually prefer visiting the Sunday Market by Bastille in Paris instead. When I could, I’d help out in the kitchen and sneak in a thousand pictures and videos of recipes that I always managed to fail at making when I returned to the states. Although, now you could probably call me an expert at making chocolate fondant and creme anglaise–I bought a french recipe book from Fnac last week!

I mostly adore all the great conversations we have at lunch(a great way to practice french), the classical french meals, and all the joy and laughter we share together as a family! in Versailles by Armenyl.comAnd let’s not forget all french tips and habits that bring me one step closer to becoming the ultimate french woman I’ve always known I was meant to become. lol!

Happy Sunday to you all!!

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