A little souvenir I found today. This photo is from my birthday trip to San Francisco last year. It was a beautiful day sailing out into the sunset with my mom who had also just celebrated her birthday a few days earlier. This trip was a little birthday trip for the two of us!

The sunset before this moment was immaculate(see here) and I watched as the sky changed before my eyes from golden to this creamy pastel over the Golden gate bridge.

San Francisco Bay Sunset Cruise photographed by travel blogger Armenyl

Also, one of the sweetest things happened right after I took this photo: I heard the band downstairs singing a Happy Birthday song and I thought, “oh, how wonderful, it’s someone else’s birthday too!” (There were at least 120 people on the boat) and then, suddenly, I heard the band dedicate the birthday song to me!! I thought I was hearing things until I walked into the room and the band greeted me and they, along with the other smiling faces in the room, wished me a happy birthday again. Apparently, one of the captains on the boat had heard me tell someone I was in town for my birthday and waited around long enough to also hear me mention my name as I greeted and introduced myself to other travelers on the cruise. He told the band about me and asked them to surprise me with a birthday song. It was the sweetest thing ever and the best way to start off an already amazing birthday weekend. Of course, I asked the band to do me a favor and sing happy birthday one more time this time  to my mom who was also taken by surprise!


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