I often describe Old Ellicott City as the town that brought me much healing. It all started two years ago in August when I wrote this post. I was feeling pretty down and unhappy with my life, and the only solution I could think of was to find the happiness standing right in front of me. Through the Here and Now challenge, I discovered Old Ellicott City, a town not too far from my morning commute. I came with my heart wide open to love and find beauty around me, and little Ellicott City with all its love and light brought me much healing. In my first Here and Now challenge of Ellicott City I wrote: “I am so fascinated by this place, I can’t believe I once found it mundane. Every day I go out in town, I find something new and magical. And not any kind of magical, the kind that makes me gasp, and has locals thinking I must be a tourist because why else would I be so fascinated by the little antique shops and restaurants…” I felt so rewarded for opening my eyes to all the positive things around me, that I visited Old Ellicott City again and again, finding inspirations and joy from it every time.

Today, it saddens me to share that this little town I love is broken: A destructive flood hit the streets of Old Ellicott City on Saturday, July 30th, and took with it many homes and businesses and the lives of two people. I had been in Old Ellicott City less than an hour before things went crazy, and I still can’t wrap my head around how everything escalated in only a matter of minutes. I was stuck in the rain and flood about 15 minutes away from Ellicott City, and at the time, I only pegged the situation as a huge pain in the butt and not a natural disaster. I had no idea about the gravity of the situation, and I’m so thankful to God for all our lives right now. The aftermath of this horrific incident is so heartbreaking to see, and it pains me to see the town in shambles. I am so grateful for the Grace of God and happy for the 100 people that were rescued. Now, I can only wish healing back to this beautiful town, the same way it did for me.

Old Ellicott City has survived fires and floods, and I’m confident in its resilience to come back stronger and more beautiful than ever. Please help Ellicott City, Maryland get back on its feet: Support the recovery efforts in Old  and help us rebuild our town by making donations or lending your support here:

I will continue to update this space as more ways to help become available.

My thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the Flood <3 Be strong!

You can find more updates about the Flood and recovery efforts here.



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