We are all a little obsessed with the French and their effortless style. Although I won’t call myself an expert on French style, I have learned a couple of things from living in France and also photographing at Paris Fashion Week. Perhaps the most popular french trick is putting a lot of effort into making it look like you didn’t put any effort into your look at all. You want everything to look like you were simply born with it, you just rolled out of bed and you really could care less about the superficial world.

Caroline de Maigret How to be a Parisian wherever you are, love,style and bad habits, photographed for Paris street at PFWThis street style photograph I took of Caroline de Maigret early this year is the perfect example. Which is no surprise at all; Caroline also happens to be the author of the humorous Parisian guidebook aptly titled “How to be a Parisian wherever you are” (Am I the only one who has placed this book right next to my dictionary and other useful resource guides on my bookshelf?).  

Let’s do a quick breakdown of Caroline’s look:

The biggest standout is the simple effortless nature of the look: a purse, a jacket, black pants and a top. A harmless look which at the same time manages to look classy and way out of our league!

 The perfectly imperfect hair

…Also find the no makeup makeup look.

 Something navy blue (there’s a whole page dedicated to this french style staple in Caroline’s book!).

The lack of flashy designer labels plastered all over.

& let’s not forget the best part, the Allure.

Caroline de Maigret Parisian chic Style photographed by Armenyl.com-2

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