It’s not the end of the year, but I just celebrated my birthday which essentially means the same thing: I’m making new “year” resolutions and reflecting on the past ones because I’m that organized with my life …or a little OCD. This year has by far been the most growing up I’ve done. I’ve seen myself take greater risks, fight for my dreams a little harder, hustle, try new things, take leaps of faith, love more, challenge and accept who I am. Things have been moving so fast this year, that I almost feel like I haven’t had the time to fully grasp a new life lesson before a new one comes along.  There have many events this year that have one way or another shaped my perspective and significantly contributed my new age mentality. The greatest driving force has been the one new year’s resolution I made at the beginning of the year( I will share what it was with you at the end of the year).

Still, there have been others lessons:

  1. This advice I got from an older friend when I mentioned how scared I was about life changes, taking risks and big leaps: “You are going to make mistakes no matter what. You might as well start the process of elimination now in life to see what works and what doesn’t work for you. You waste less time recovering and learning from your mistakes than you do waiting for all the cards in your life to fall in place.” 
  2. Then there was the stranger I met at the picnic at Fashion Week who compared my life to The Dark Knight Rises. (spoiler alert) In the film, the Batman is imprisoned in a pit which is almost impossible to escape from. The only way out is to leap from the highest point of the pit where any wrong move would cost his life. He had tried to escape times before, but each of those times he had a safety rope just in case he didn’t make the jump.  The only way to make it out was to jump without the rope– knowing that his whole life literally depended on it–essentially giving everything he had. The lesson: bank a 100% of everything you’ve got to make it where you want to go.
  3. Earlier in June, I had a huge project to work on. It was nothing like I’ve ever done and the window to get it done by one person was almost impossible. I learned not to panic. No matter what life throws at you, take a moment, calm down, pray for direction and start simple. Eventually, the road becomes clearer.
  4. Additionally, I learned through that project that challenges are essential for your growth. It’s the only way to see what you are made of, and you, my friend, are a bad ass!
  5.  Another lesson I learned was realizing how important it was to make time for friends and even strangers. Just taking a minute of your time to say “hey, I’m just checking to make sure you are well” can make a huge difference. I am guilty of forgetting to check on friends, but I was on other side of the stick this year and it felt extremely painful and dark. The only way I knew how to recover was to be the change I wanted to see: Time is the greatest give you can give and get. Cherish it when you have it, and make some for those you love.
  6. I am also guilty of hiding my true personality, thoughts and feelings because I’ve been afraid of how different they are, but I learned this year that the people I most admire in life are all people who have come to accept and love themselves and shine their light unapologetically. The world doesn’t need to accept you before you accept yourself. 
  7. Nothing is impossible: This year, I decided to stop being miserable and asked for one of my dream jobs and I got it. You can absolutely do all things through the strength of God.
  8. I studied Psychology in college, and sometimes I confuse my strength in that with being over controlling of every situation. I learned that importance of simply doing the right thing and being faithful where you are and the rest will follow.  Stand still in God’s power to promote and elevate you.
  9. I came to understand what it means to grind or hustle for what you want in life  and it was absolutely rewarding.
  10. To help me accept and love my being and also shine unapologetically, I have to look at the world from the inside out and never from the outside in.


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