parisian-blue-door-photography-by-armenyl-comThere’s something about Parisian doors that gets me every time. I started taking pictures of all the pretty doors in Paris two years ago, and my obsession continues to grow. Doors in general, are very symbolic to me. One of the very first posts I shared on here was about creating your own doors which is also a huge part of the philosophy of my site. Sometimes we can see our dreams in the distance, but we have no way of getting to them. I used to read up on stories about life-changing moments for a lot of the people I admire, and I would imagine having the same success stories as them—Someone would just knock on my door and hand me an opportunity, but it never quite happened.


I gave up on waiting for people to give me an opportunity a long time ago. It happened after a tough struggle of fighting disappointment after disappointment. I realized I had two options: I could wait another day for an opportunity to fall on my lap or start creating my own path towards my dreams. It took a while but I eventually chose the latter, and it has been the most rewarding experience of my life yet. It has defined and shaped my character; every day, I learn something new and stand up to my weaknesses. Unsurprisingly, creating my own path has often been a lonely road, and most times it feels like it will never really get me anywhere, but I walk in faith. Even with huge gaps and roadblocks of impossibilities ahead, I keep my eye on God. I cherish every step of the way, every new lesson, sometimes I’m even grateful for the disappointment and roadblocks because of how much I grow from them and how strong it makes me each time. I cannot tell you what the end result of creating your own doors will be yet, but I can certainly say that each step on this sometimes difficult, sometimes unclear path has been worth the travel.

Pretty doors in Paris photographed by Armenyl.comAnd I will always be grateful for the site, and the amazing opportunity God gives me every day through it to express myself and chase my dreams. 

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