This beautiful message from Joel Osteen inspired me today! I often have a problem with stepping into the unknown. I, like, most people, love to have all the information I can get, but I can say in all honesty that the biggest breakthroughs in my life have come from leaping into the unknown!


“The places God is going to take you…is going to be bigger than you’ve imagined…It’s in the unkonwn…it’s in what you don’t feel qualified for”

“He can see things in you that you can’t see in yourself. It may be uncomfortable but don’t shrink back, keep stretching, keep dreaming.”

I wrote this about three years ago: “My time in France has been a lot like walking on a bridge with huge gaps ahead, and walking nonetheless because I know that God will provide…” 

I remember the night I was moving to France. I hadn’t had the chance to sort out accommodations and other super important details. It was really because I didn’t intend to leave the country that night. However, a situation at the airport forced me to have to set off very unprepared. I didn’t know where I was going to stay, and all I had were two minutes to figure everything out. I remember feeling like a zombie on the plane. I was not ready to leave. I was the last passenger, and by the time I found my seat I only had less than two minutes before I had to turn off my phone off on the plane. Literally within two minutes, I found a hostel, paid for it and got a confirmation email before the flight attendant got to my seat. I booked for three nights at a hostel. By the time, the third nights came around, I had still not found a place to stay, but an aunt had conveniently come into town for a conference and was staying in a hotel a close by. I joined her for the two days she was in town, and on my last night with her, I visited a family who had invited me to stay with them while I sorted out my living arrangements. I thought I was only going to see them and would have to wait days before they got back to me on whether I could stay with them. Instead, when I arrived they asked me, “where are your bags?” They are now like a second family to me and they have been a blessing in my life since. The truth is whenever I looked at the road ahead, I saw huge gaps I couldn’t account for, but every time I pursued regardless of the unknown, God provided a way.

I hope you are blessed through this powerful message on chasing your dreams!

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