I can’t believe it’s already December!! Happy, happy December to all of you! It’s my favorite time of the year, and I feel blessed to have made it to the end of 2016! What a year it has been! (More on that later, of course).

I’m so excited to finally share my gift recommendations for the holidays with you! I’ve been working on this exciting list of gift ideas for some time. It was so much fun coming up with concepts and creating the photoshoots for each one and I cannot wait for you to see all of the posts! Some of these gifts are favorites I’ve had for years and others are new obsessions. Each one is something I own and love, and would recommend as a Christmas gifts for that special friend. 

Chanel Noir - Armenyl 2016 Gift Guide creative direction and photography by Armenyl.comCOCO NOIR by Chanel is for the intriguing, sexy confident friend who embodies both class and style. The sexy little bottle smells as good it looks with captivating florals and an intriguing sense of mystery you can’t let down. It’s a long lasting scent that is perfect for night time, perhaps in a matching sexy black number. This has been my best-kept secret for about a year now. I just love how alluring and bold it smells. Also, this may be one of those situations where you get this gift for yourself instead of your friend. I won’t tell…

Chanel Noir - Armenyl 2016 Gift Guide creative direction and photography by Armenyl.comShop

COCO NOIR BY CHANEL armenyl-2016-holiday-gift-ideas-for-women-photo-by-armenyl-comCOCO NOIR by CHANEL


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