The best french beauty products every woman should have by Armenyl.comThis is by far my favorite gift guide. I had so much creating the concept and designing the set. It was the first gift set I shot, but it was the most challenging because I had issues with time. This time of the year is exceptionally hard to do products shoots in because of the early evening and mostly cloudy days. I had all two to deal with when I decided on a whim to do this shoot. It may not show here, but I shot this while everything was beginning to turn dark around 4:30pm and I was still trying to work through ideas. That is why I’m so excited with the finished products! I was not going to use any before, but I think it turned out great, no?

The best french beauty products every woman should have Chanel No 5 by Armenyl.comFrench girl at heart


The best french beauty products every woman should have Caudalie Beauty by


Another obvious reason why it’s my favorite gift guide is because I love french beauty and I know a lot of you are fans of it too. I’m a huge fan of the minimalist approach of french beauty, I have been doing this for a while and it has made a huge huge difference in my skin. When you meet one dermatologist who believes moisturizer is bad for everyone’s skin, another who doesn’t believe you should wash your face, and the third who is against all two. The only conclusion you can come to is the importance of paying attention to your own skin and seeing what works for you and what doesn’t. Most importantly keeping things at the minimal and not overburdening your face with a thousand products with fancy copy is something your face will really thank you for. I adore French Products for being a happy medium for me, but even so, I try not to jump on a bandwagon blindly. (read about my french beauty routine here) Here are my tried and true favorites and other classics every french chic should have. I’m talking to you Chanel No 5!

The best french beauty products every woman should have Garance dore, Caudalie, Flatlay, Chanel No 5 by

Read about my french beauty routine here




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