Do you know what it’s like finding out midway through your flight that you’ve left your laptop at the airport?

I remember pausing to look at the clock. It said I still had another 4 hours and 29 minutes before my plane landed and I was certain this time, after checking the 3rd time in the last-minute, my laptop was definitely back at the airport—thousands of miles away from me. Part of the reason I felt like I was going crazy came from wondering how I could leave behind my laptop of all things. How I could go so long without noticing it was gone. Something I’m glued to every minute should not go missing for more than 10 minutes without me noticing.  The other part of the madness, was the more devastating one, what happened to it?! I last saw it at the airport. How on earth did I leave it?!! Am I ever getting it back? What does it mean for all the projects I have to do? How will I get any work done?

When I finally landed I had to fight back tears from the fifth person who had asked me what was wrong? Every time I had to explain what happened I wanted to kick myself for being so careless.

I tried looking for creative ways to keep the site updated and plan projects – no laptop meant no pictures and no access to files. It’s been more than a week of having to improvise and also not complain about this to anyone. The only way I was going to be able to take my mind of it was to deal with all of it quietly. Eventually, after several calls to the airport and lots and lots of prayers, I finally received news that my laptop had been found… albeit damaged in certain places and with a completely broken SD card containing tons of pictures (Thank God I remembered to back that up). All I could do at that point was get over everything as quickly as possible and move forward. I’m happy to have my laptop back and get back to business. I thank God it still functions perfectly despite the physical damage. It’s a huge miracle for me and I’m really grateful that it all worked out by God’s grace. The week without being able to access any of my work was, even though quite frustrating, helpful in allowing me to unplug and reassess. I can’t wait to get back into the grind of things and share some new posts with you soon.

Oh! I forgot to mention, yes flight = new location, can you guess where before my next post? <3

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