The universe has a way of forcing you to take a break. From accidentally leaving my laptop behind to losing enthusiasm, I haven’t really been able to get any work done since I arrived in town*. It was a tough idea to accept in the beginning. For a creative like me, a vacation is never really a vacation – it is an inspiration to do more work (while on vacation). I always want to create something with every opportunity I get, and I was not going to allow myself three weeks of no creative work whatsoever. It just felt like a waste of time. And here I was, cornered until I couldn’t push anymore. I never knew this could turn out to be a blessing in any way, but it has and I learned two important lessons through it:

1.Things will not always go exactly the way you planned it, and that is not always a bad thing. When you can’t lead the way, allow the way to lead you. Don’t be so stuck in your ways, that you wouldn’t try something different. Going with the flow, getting over hiccups quickly and readjusting can lead to something you never dreamed of.

2. Live in the moment. If here is where you are, soak it all in while you are here. Learn what you can, love what you can, and allow the moment to teach you, bless you, and love you all it can. I have a terrible habit of never really being present. I’m always jumping ahead of myself to find something wrong, to make sure I don’t screw up or get hurt. I had a thrilling two weeks of feeling out a moment completely. Its super highs and lows (which weren’t so bad) and it felt fantastic! And the crazy thing about living in the moment is that you can exhaust the moment! It’s only then that you move on…that is called living life to the fullest!

Here’s the best part about taking a break and learning these two key points: Once I allowed myself to take a break and embrace these two new lessons, it felt like God rewarded me for it. He gave me a blessing — The blessing of a new perspective, on many things, but especially work. I hate to sound cliché, but I feel somewhat   absolutely brand new!  It took a while to let go, but eventually I did, and for the first time I really felt what it feels like to live in the moment. And just like that I’ve slowly gotten back to work again filled with enthusiasm and love for my craft. Nothing feels forced or required, I actually feel more in control than ever before. You will be hearing a lot from me soon, and I thank you for your patience as I feel things out.

Lots and lots of love to all of you!

*Have you been able to figure out where I am yet? Follow on Instagram to find out where I am right now

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