I spent the past weekend mostly indoors. On Friday, while my friends were posting tweets about how depressing it was that they weren’t doing anything on a Friday night, I was basically humming Pink’s Get the Party started in my pajamas as I two-stepped to my warm cozy bed. Here are some interesting things I found online over the weekend:

  • I stumbled upon Medium.com over the weekend and I haven’t been able to stop reading the articles. I, especially, enjoyed an article written by Facebook Design Manager, Caitlin Winner, about Ten Tips for Making Interesting Images. Even as a professional photographer I found her tips insightful (and well illustrated)!
  •  Speaking of helpful tips, I started listening to TED talks as part of my morning routine. The TED Talks library has a variety of thought-provoking ideas shared by outstanding speakers including National Bestselling Author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, author of the essay “We Should All Be Feminists.” On Ted Talks, you can set a playlist on a particular subject and have it play while you work. Don’t know where to start? Here’s the playlist I’m currently listening to.
  • I also started a new Pinterest board over the weekend about becoming a Girl Boss, if you don’t already follow my boards you should get on board here! (lol! forgive the pun)
  • I may have also told my family a white lie about going to see 50 shades of Grey 🙁 Read my shameless (and awkward) confession here
  • This week’s Editor’s Pick: Falling in love with my ugly

Have a Blessed week!!

Love peace and Blessings Armenyl

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