I still remember my first time in New York. I remember rummaging through clothes in boutiques. I was excited! The clothes were beautiful. I denied that they weren’t any different from the ones I saw back in Maryland. They were from New York, therefore; they were special!! I bought two outfits: A red plaid dress and a stunning pleated dress covered in brushstrokes of pink and yellow flowers( I recently gave this away after holding on to it for so long) (I still have its matching shoes, though!). I took a thousand pictures of Times Square with my disposable camera, and I wanted the street artists to draw a portrait of me. I wouldn’t stop walking. I wanted to go everywhere. I lied every time my aunt asked if I was tired (\The lie that had us walking until 11 p.m.), I didn’t even want to admit that the crazy guy I saw talking loudly to himself on the subway frightened me, but I am pretty certain the shock on my face was a dead giveaway.

I was visiting for the first time for, surprisingly, the same reason I continue to visit to this day: I was helplessly in love with fashion and someone told me New York was my guy!Charmed in New York | Armenyl.com the standard highland nye | Armenyl.com Charming New York | Armenyl.com New York Street Corners | Armenyl.com Charming New York City Streets | Armenyl.com


My recent visit brought back old memories of New York, I have visited countless times since my first, but in between the struggle to make it into the fashion industry, I’d lost touch with the beauty of New York: the architecture, the people, the culture. I’m not sure why it happened this time; it tingled the way old feelings do when they bubble to the surface, and I couldn’t help but allow myself to be charmed again by New York.

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