I woke up excited on Saturday morning for no particular reason other than the fact that I had nothing doing that day. Okay, I had tons to do, but I  told myself I wasn’t going to think about it all of Saturday. Sometimes you just have to take a shameless approach to procrastination!

  • I spent my Saturday binge watching Grey’s Anatomy (I fall in and out of love with this show all the time, but sometimes I miss seeing Meredith and Derek in love, and O’Malley and Izzie’s beautiful friendship)
  • I read Zanita’s website pretty regularly, so expect to see a lot of links to her page on my weekly findings. This week, I found a lot of valuable lessons in Brittany’s post about how to be business savvy & a nice person. Sometimes I wish I could hire someone to do all the tough work for me like turning people down or insisting on what it is fair or even demanding for more. I’m learning to put aside the overly sensitive side of my emotions and bite the bullet when I need to.
  • I saw Carin’s pretty snapshot and my heart melted; I miss Paris, especially now during Paris Fashion Week
  • My current favorite app is Mosaico! It is an app for planning your Instagram posts by letting you see what your feed will look like when you add new images/delete old ones. It also lets you set reminders for posts, save your favorite tags in a clipboard, and even rearrange images to see what your feed could look like. If you are crazy about aesthetics like me, you will love this app.
  • I rediscovered my love for this Beauty item this week.
  • The biggest lesson I learned this week: Do not worry yourself worrying… Just Trust GOD… also: song of the week!
  • This week’s Editor’s Pick: There will always be beauty around you even when it’s too dim to see anything

Have a Blessed week!!

Love peace and Blessings Armenyl

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  • http://www.notanotherblonde.com Brittany

    Thank you so much for including my post in your roundup love!

    xx Brittany from http://www.notanotherblonde.com

    • Armenyl

      Girl, you teach me lots! Thank you 🙂