I take long strolls every week through the town. Sometimes, quietly by myself, sometimes with music playing in my headphones, and other times with the sounds of a good friend chatting along. I do this because there is so much beauty I see when the winter days leave the town empty and quiet. There are no distracting trees to hinder the view of the pretty pastel buildings, there is barely anyone else walking the streets (because it’s -2 degrees!) it is just me, face to face with the charming beauty of the town.

Pretty Pastels in Ellicott City Maryland Charm | Armenyl.comEllicott City Maryland Charm | Armenyl.com Pastels in Ellicott City Maryland Charm | Armenyl.com

When spring blooms out, and the town colored pink with cherry trees and cheery people to match, I will be just as in love with it all because truly, if this town has taught me anything, it’s that every season is beautiful!


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