Guys, I think I have a problem…

You know you are obsessed when you call Trader Joe’s every morning* to ask if they finally have peonies. When you finally find them at your local Whole Foods Market store you call your mom and everyone you can think of to announce that peony season has finally arrived! Some of your friends seem relieved, at least you will stop talking about them now that they are available. Some are excited because this level of obsession is very contagious**. Others have yet to respond to your voicemail, frankly because they are sick of your obsession – They are just flowers, for goodness sake!*** You take a thousand pictures of them and send it to all your friends, twice, just in case. Then you include one of the images on your Instagram account making sure to reference your obsession and including premature apologies for the way said obsession is going to affect your feed in the upcoming months. After all is said and done, you create a gif and post it on your website with the caption “guys, I think I have a problem” (with a link to a post where you shamelessly profess your love for peonies in more than 3  long paragraphs), but when you said you had a problem you really meant peonies give you major allergies but you’d rather sneeze all day than give them up.

*You are totally on a first name basis now with the cashier at Trader Joe’s. Hey, Tim!

**Keep such friends close to your heart!

***I’m not sure why we still call these one friends. They don’t deserve you.


On another note, I’m celebrating some wonderful news and these peonies are certainly one way to celebrate.


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