New York Fashion Week just ended. Although fashion week is generally the busiest time of the year for me, this one, in particular, was incredibly crazy. I was working every second. Back to back shows, and in between those shows, shooting content for bloggers. I was never not responding to emails or editing, whether it was while I was speedwalking to a show (very, very tricky) or in an Uber ride. Even though I had to travel about an hour every morning from the Bronx to get to the shows, I always secretly loved the opportunity to have an hour to plan content for the day, map out my meetings, and do some more editing. (Yea, not to relax at all).

I have been shooting Fashion Week for about five years, and you can say it was one of the reasons I created my website. It initially started out as a street style blog on Tumblr and eventually branched out into a journal of different facets of my life. Between my last fashion week show in February and now, a lot of things have changed for me on a personal level and in my brand as well. Before even wanting to see how the new changes would reflect in my style of shooting, I was eager to find out if I’d even still like it in the first place. The biggest changes to my brand happened on Instagram where I decided to stop hiding behind my work and bring you behind the scenes. I wanted to make a more meaningful connection with you, and I’m glad to say I’ve connected with so many amazing people after making this change! It’s really not so bad putting yourself out there. Although, being at fashion week this fall and having someone come up to me to say they follow me because they recognize my face from my Instagram still needs some getting used to.

It’s been very important to me to find the balance between being connected with all of you on a personal level and keeping things about my work, so for me, getting back to where I started (shooting street style at Fashion Week) with my new branding approach had been somewhat of a cliffhanger all of last week. It felt like when you introduce two of your best friends for the first time. Would they love each other? Would they clash?

It wasn’t just my brand…

I was thinking of who I’d become too, how much of a difference a few tough months can make on your perspective, what that would mean to the very last sighting of my old self (the changes in my life started happening pretty much after the last fashion week) Needless to say, I wanted to compare notes and this Fashion Week meant a lot more to me than just shooting street style, it was an introspection.

In the end,  not much has changed. I am still the girl, now woman (haha!), who loves photographing stories on the streets. I still enjoy the rush and craziness of Fashion Week, and I won’t be hanging up my street style photographer hat just yet. Not much has changed except for one thing: Everything has a lot more meaning and intentionality, I feel more connected to my work and I see things with a lot more clarity.

I’m curious to know one thing from you guys, with all the changes going on with my brand, what would you love to see more on this website? What are your favorite posts? Please share them with me in the comments below. I’d love to hear what you think and bring you more of what you love.

Look out for more Street style looks from NYFW SS18 coming soon to the blog. If you would love to see some photos now, I’ve already posted a couple on my Instagram account for you.



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