I took one day off the Fashion Week madness to relax and stroll through New York. If you follow my Instagram, you probably already know that I cheated and went to a show that day! 🙁 Just one, and that was it. I promise! I spent the rest of the day doing my favorite thing, walking and exploring. I think what I love most about traveling, especially through the same places, is how much it tells you about yourself and how much of an indicator it is of how you have matured or changed. Seeing things with a whole new light each time you visit, marking it against your old self, and each time finding a whole new aspect to appreciate. It tells you a lot about yourself, and for me, it is something that really makes me thrive.



Sel Rrose New York Bar photographed by ArmenylSel Rrose New York Bar photographed by Armenyl Sel Rrose, New York


The night before, I researched some of the best places to visit in NY and I’m happy to say I was able to check off all on my list while stumbling on a few beautiful surprises along the way. I will be sharing the list with you soon, but in the meantime here’s one of the pretty gems I spotted along the way.

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