As promised, I’m sharing my list of Baltimore favorites since I started rediscovering the city earlier this year. There’s still a lot to discover, but these are definitely of the spots I’ve been taking all my friends to see.

Mount Vernon

When I started truly exploring Baltimore. This was the first neighborhood I wandered through, so it holds a special place in my heart. I’ve been back to this neighborhood more times than I can count.

Spend a few hours checking out the spectacular art collection at the  Walters Art Museum, then walk through one of four or all four of the beautiful square gardens that surround the Washington monument. Did you know you could climb up at the monument? I haven’t done this yet, but if you’re able to make it up all stairs it promises a magnificent view of Baltimore. In the mood for some caffeine? It is worth taking a breather at Ceremony Coffee or stop by the marketplace next door for a variety of food, drinks, and music. Speaking of food, there are tons of food and drink options to try in Mount Vernon. (I’m convinced I’ve tried all of them, but I could be wrong). For a fancy dinner, I highly recommend the Elephant for their gorgeous pink walls, charming staff, and excellent food, of course. You might also meet the owners who would be happy to talk about how many trials it took to find that perfect shade of pink.

Other food favorites: Marie Louise Bistro, Minato Sushi Bar, City Cafe (yummy brunch options) The Bun Shop ( open till 3 am and great for quick bites, coffee, and night owls).

Bars: Wet city, The Brewer’s Art, Sugarvale



This is definitely one of Baltimore’s most Instagram-worthy neighborhoods. From the Donut covered steps at Center Cut Doughnuts to the eccentric building facades, Hampden is definitely Instagram friendly. It is also home to the Chamery, an award-winning (winning my heart included) ice cream shop with yummy seasonal flavors.  I highly recommend this place for all ice cream lovers. Another one of my favorites is the fairly new The Bluebird Cocktail Room with a gorgeous interior and delicious cocktails named after literary figures.

Inner Harbor

I have been to the inner harbor several times before rediscovering Baltimore. It is definitely the place you check out when you are visiting downtown Baltimore for the first time. I highly recommend visiting the aquarium, taking a tour of the historical ships, visiting the Maryland Science Center and jumping on a water taxi to the other side of town.


Fells Point

Popular for its bars, shops, and award-winning restaurant options, I would definitely recommend this artsy district for a night out with friends. While you are here, you should check out the view at the poolside of the Sagamore Pendry Baltimore hotel.


Charles Village

I once spent almost 2 hours here wandering through the charming neighborhood and taking pictures of all the pretty Victorian style homes.



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