I was up early this morning too. This time for an early morning jog. Although I get my fair share of workouts by walking around constantly in Paris, the gym clothes I brought with me to Paris but never wore had been giving me the dirty look. I loved how waking up early for a jog put me in a productive mood. I took care of a lot of things this morning, but before I could say “coffee” I got incredibly sleepy in the afternoon and I had to take a very necessary power nap before heading out to Paris. I had been getting 4 hours of sleep this past week and I guess couldn’t fight my body anymore.

It was a sunny day out in Paris, but I only got to experience it for 20 mns before the usual grey clouds came in to rain on my parade. Still, I made the best of the sweet 60 degrees weather by grabbing spéculoos ice cream from Berthillon and heading out to the Seine to relax. Sitting under a tree with my friend, staring into the river, I can’t count how many times I thought of how grateful I was to be here in this beautiful city!

I got home in time to help make dinner – Today, I learned how to make Bechamel sauce and I also baked a very delicious gratin!

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