I’m not sure when exactly I decided I wanted to visit Portugal. It’s a tie between an idea I came up with on my birthday and one fun night with my friends talking about places I’d like to visit when I come to France. Regardless of its exact date of inception, thoughts of Lisbon have not been able to escape my mind since I got here.
When I arrived in France, I started planning trips and told a lot of my friends and family about my plans to visit Lisbon. Everyone said it was beautiful, but I think what really sold me was that everyone mentioned that it was the perfect place for me.
I wasn’t sure what that meant then, but last week, I quickly booked a ticket to Lisbon Portugal to escape rainy Paris in exchange for a few days of sunshine, colorful tiles, and time by the sea. And now that I’m here, I totally see why it is the perfect place for me! I can’t wait to share my experience with you in future posts. If you want to see some already published snapshots you can visit my Instagram account.
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