As a visual storyteller, I have a huge affinity for shooting editorials and street portraits. I am constantly gathering inspiration from my visits to museums, flipping through fashion magazines, and reading up on art history. Lately, my biggest inspiration has been right here in the house. I call it the countryside, even though it is only 20mns from Paris, but it really feels like the sweet simple life I’m always dreaming of: Chickens for pets, eating straight from the garden, afternoon tea, paintings and history covering the walls of the house – they all inspire me every day. When I got this dress from Zara, it fit perfectly with a shoot idea I had been tossing around in my head.

It is super complicated to shoot with animals especially with no assistance. One of the shoots, the aerial shot, was taken from the upstairs bedroom looking down. I had to keep running into the house, then up the stairs to make sure my angle was right or whenever the camera lost connection, the light changed(which happened every second because of the heavy clouds moving), or worse, when the chickens were out of the shot. It was extremely frustrating, but always fun! What do you think of the shots?

The Simple Life

Armenyl Editorials

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