Favorite New Skincare

This is one of my christmas presents to myself this year! The skincare product you should absolutely be trying out this month. In love!

Armenyl’s Gift Guide

Last minute shopping? Here are some of my favorite gift ideas for things to get your bestie! Merry Christmas eve!
Make up, Estee Lauder eye shadow palette

I woke up like this

Basically, my journey to "(Waking) up flawless" and other things Beyoncé. Here's how it went
Stephanie Bertram Rose, Armenyl Marilyn NYC, Premium Paris, FM models

S. Rose

After seeing her face all over Tumblr, I cannot believe that when I met Stephanie, I could not remember where I knew her from. Blonde locks and beautiful eyes, this one is quite the face on Tumblr. The Belgian model had just walked in Jeremy Scott's S/S 2015 f...