NYC guide: My Favorite spots in New York

From Pietro Nolita's Pink wonderland to Maman NYC's beautiful bakery here are some of the most instagrammable spots you have to check out the next time you're in NYC!
Sel Rrose New York Bar photographed by Armenyl

Sel Rrose

Today's travel detail is this pretty pastel restaurant in New York
Pierre Herme Macarons for National Dessert day by

Pierre Hermé

I just found out today is national dessert day and I couldn't think of any better way to celebrate! Pierre Hermé, Paris...


This cute little café and concept store in Paris is simply adorable!
Laduree Paris Macarons photo by

Sweets of the Day

Delicious macarons I purchased from Laduree Paris! My Favorites! Happy Spring!...

Sundays in Versailles

How I spend my sundays in Versailles : enjoying the culture, food, and delightful conversations during Sunday brunch in France
Coffee at Boot Cafe in Paris, Cordonnerie in the 3eme, Coffee Places in Paris photographed by Armenyl

At Boot Café

Trying out new places to eat and drink in Paris. Here's one of my favorites so far and the cutest you may ever find.

Sweet as Candy in Paris

Today is the first day of spring! It's also snowing outside. And the only thing that could cheer me up under this gray and moody sky was looking back at pictures I took last spring in Paris of this yummy past...
Tersiguel's French Country Restaurant in Ellicott City photo by Armenyl

Today’s Detail

This charming place downtown Ellicott city makes me anxious for Spring