Finally, a men's style post!
Empire's Bryshere Gray, Hakeem Lyon, is seen outside the Jeremy Scott show Photo by Fashion Photographer

Empire’s Bryshere Gray at Fashion Week

A little Men's fashion for you Empire fans out there. Starring Empire's very own very own Hakeem Lyons (Bryshere Y. Gray)! Fox's Empire has been gaining more and more popularity as the show continues to garn...
Mariano Di Vaio at NYFW 2015, Men's Street style, Jeremy Scott show photographed by street style photographer

Mariano Di Vaio

If I had to explain why I love shooting Men's fashion with one picture...

Hey Boys!

New York had it's first ever Fashion Week: Men's last week and it was pretty different! P.S I have never seen so many man buns in my entire life! Ever!
Grey and Blue suits Men's Street style at New York Fashion Week 2015 by

Denim & Grey

It is probably safe to say grey has bumped itself up to one of my top 10 favorite colors, and I may have become quite biased, but I feel it's undeniably beautiful in this pairing. However, beyond the colors I a...
Men's street style at New York Fashion Week FW 2015 by

Hang Over

Have you ever mistakenly misaligned the buttons on your shirt in such a way that a button/buttonhole or two at the end/top of the shirt stick out, making one side of the shirt longer and unparalleled to the...