City Study

Coffee at Boot Cafe in Paris, Cordonnerie in the 3eme, Coffee Places in Paris photographed by Armenyl

At Boot Café

Trying out new places to eat and drink in Paris. Here's one of my favorites so far and the cutest you may ever find.

Profite Bien

It was soo beautiful outside today in Paris that my little feet just wanted to walk all over the place! And it did---for 3 hours straight, from Saint-Germain-des-Prés all the way to Jardin des Tuileries.
Saint Paul saint Louis Cathedral in Paris photographed by lifestyle and fashion blogger

All the pretty buildings are in Paris

It crazy thinking about the fact that this was once my neighborhood and that it only took a three minute walk from my home to see these gems everyday!


I turned over to look at my phone on Thursday morning, sleep still toying with me, I forced one eye open to stare at the phone screen. There were a couple of notifications sticking to the screen. Above them, th...